Our Purpose

Why we do what we do

In one short phrase, our purpose is to help people and empower them to build a better world.

Life is more than just making yourself a success. Of course you need to have aspirations and be constantly challenging yourself and pushing your limits but it's not all about you. What you leave behind is important, that is, your contribution to the society.

Our objectives

These are the main things we focus on:

Make it easy for people to find information they need

We form communities around specific topics so that expert knowledge can be shared on the subject matter.

Create a trustworthy environment that encourages people to discuss even embarassing experiences

We do not want people to suffer in silence. If they have an embarrassing illness or something demeaning happened to them, we'd want to them to be able to talk about it in a safe environment.

Guide people where they belong

We believe that once you know your purpose in life, everything becomes easier and you'll live a much fuller and happier life.

Help make the world a better place

We want to empower local communities to allow them to better look after their neighbourhood and the people in it.